The FFF FoodTech index is a unique structure focused on technology companies – or companies that are fully-enabled by and fully dependent on technology – that are changing the food industry, from farm to fork.



The Future Food Index aims to track the exciting progresses being made in FoodTech and AgTech, allowing both retail and institutional investors to deploy capital in a targeted manner, into the best publicly traded companies available.



The FFF FoodTech Index

With the ticker, FFFF, the Future Food Finance FoodTech Index is the most comprehensive index tracking innovative businesses within the food space. The index itself comprises a number of FoodTech , AgTech and Biotech related sub segments, including the following:

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Alternative Protein

  • Vertical / Indoor Farming

  • Meal Kit Services

  • Retail Delivery

  • Ingredient Producer

  • FoodTech Investment companies

  • Cloud/Dark Kitchens

  • Digitised Agriculture

  • Food Waste



The FoodTech Opportunity

The rise of FoodTech has been prompted by several factors:

  • Increasing ESG concerns from consumers, including around the environment, sustainability, and animal cruelty

  • Health concerns about traditional foods, from the basic ingredients to the sugar coating

  • Increasing margin pressure on traditional food producers

  • Falling costs of energy generation and storage

We estimate that already something fast approaching $100 billion has been invested in over 1,250 private, venture capital-based deals in recent deals in this space in the last few years – and that number is growing all the time. But it’s important to understand that the opportunity is no longer just limited to the private markets. With Oatly and Deliveroo recently listing on the public markets, plus an uptick in FoodTech related SPACs , many more opportunities will soon be made available to public market investors.

With the Alternative Protein market already valued at nearly $300 billion and the Vertical Farming market forecasted to reach $300 billion by 2030 and continue to grow exponentially beyond, the scale of the opportunity is vast. Alternative Protein and Vertical Farming are just 2 of the 12 subsectors tracked by the Index.

Exponential Growth?

Just as the horse and cart shifted as the primary mode of transportation in the early 1900s to the automobile by the early 1920s, we are today on the cusp of a similar radical transformation in the food ecosystem.

With recent rapid exponential advances in technology and bioengineering, new innovators and disruptor companies across the food industry are able to leave traditional industrial models behind. From synthetic biology to blockchain, robotics to the Internet of Things, the technology applications in food are infinite, disrupting and improving the entire value chain while lowering costs.

The “FoodTech” sector includes technology-driven startups developing products and services that are revolutionising how food has traditionally been discovered, purchased, delivered, prepared, and consumed.

The “AgTech” sector plays a major role in this revolution, consisting of technologies that increase crop yield, improve farming efficiency and resilience, and provide financial resources for agricultural operations.

Driven by the overall consumer trend of aligning purchasing decisions with personal values, consumers are increasingly selective about what they add to their carts. Food disruptors can offer consumers greater health benefits with better tasting food, while reducing costs, enhancing sustainability, saving our environment and reducing time to delivery, all at the same time.

Meat disruptors that are now widely known to the public, such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, are already making waves and impacting the wafer-thin margins of many food producers.

Once cost parity is achieved within the next few years, FoodTech will become the greatest shift that humans experience over the next decade.

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Note: Inclusion in the FFF FoodTech index constitutes neither an endorsement nor recommendation of a company. The companies included in the index are designed to represent the total market for the psychedelic sector, including both the good and bad. Always do your own due diligence. FFF has NOT been compensated in any way from companies included in the index. Any information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or recommendations.