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Just as the horse and cart shifted as the primary mode of transportation in the early 1900s to the automobile in the 1920s , we are today on the cusp of a similar radical transformation in the food ecosystem.


With recent rapid advances in technology and bioengineering, new innovators and disruptor companies across the food industry are able to leave traditional industrial models behind. From synthetic biology to blockchain, robotics to the Internet of Things, the technology applications in food are infinite, disrupting and improving the entire value chain, from farm to fork.

Food disruptors offer consumers greater health benefits with better tasting food, while reducing costs, enhancing sustainability, saving our environment and reducing time to delivery, all at the same time. Meat disruptors such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are already making waves and impacting the wafer-thin margins of many food producers. Once cost parity is achieved within the next few years, FoodTech will be the greatest shift that humans experience over the next decade.

With approximately $55bn raised in 390 deals in FoodTech in 2020 (Pitchbook), this transformation of the food industry poses a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors. Future Food Finance has been created by industry experts with a financial background specifically for investors interested in this FoodTech revolution, particularly as information sources available to investors in FoodTech are limited. Aimed at plugging the information gap between a technical food publication and a generalist finance publication, Future Food Finance strives to provide relevant insights, exclusive interviews, and sustainable investment products for those investors who are interested in riding the next (cellular) bull market.

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Paul Cuatrecasas

Future Food Finance Co-Founder

Paul Cuatrecasas is the co-founder of Future Food Finance and over the past 30 years has been an entrepreneur, investment banker, and strategic advisor to CEOs, senior executives, boards and shareholders of start-ups as well as established companies operating in or interested in the Technology and Digital (TMT) industry sectors.

David Stevenson

Future Food Finance Co-Founder

David Stevenson is a columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Investment Week and Money Week. He’s an experienced media entrepreneur (he’s set up a number of online media companies focused on online TV and viral videos) and knowledgeable investment expert.