Live Interview with Rob Appleby, Cibus fund Co-founder

By David Stevenson on Thursday 22 July 2021

Live Interview with Rob Appleby, Cibus fund Co-founder
Image source: Future Food Finance
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Taking a look at the key developments away from the headlines covering the rise of carbon sequestration, fertilizers 2.0 & Farm-level robotics

Recorded on 21st July 2021 - Each of these topics has the potential to revolutionize our modern food system but developments in each garner relatively limited coverage from a media fascinated by sexier foodtech developments such as the rise of cultured meat. Yet these fast-growing niches represent a huge opportunity set, not just for the food business but also for investors.


Rob Appleby

Cibus fund Co-founder

Rob Appleby is the co-founder of The Cibus Funds, ADM Capital and joint CIO of ADM Capital.

David Stevenson

Future Food Finance Co-Founder

David Stevenson is a columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Investment Week and Money Week. He’s an experienced media entrepreneur (he’s set up a number of online media companies focused on online TV and viral videos) and knowledgeable investment expert.