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29 May 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Positively uplifting

22 May 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Momentum of truth

15 May 2023
Frank Buhagiar

8 May 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Not another strategic review…

2 May 2023
Frank Buhagiar

No more Agro…

24 April 2023
Frank Buhagiar

17 April 2023
Frank Buhagiar

The next chapter?

10 April 2023
Frank Buhagiar

27 March 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Desperately seeking reasons to be positive

20 March 2023
Frank Buhagiar

A week to forget for FFF’s listed FoodTech

13 March 2023
Frank Buhagiar

Latest Interviews

FFF Podcast Episode 17: When David met Cibus

17 March 2023

Ever wished you could just listen to one podcast to learn about a wide range of hot ag/foodtech topics, such as precision fermentation, metagenomics, robotics, vertical farming, plant biotech and alt-proteins? Well, wish no more for all the above topics are discussed in the latest instalment of FFF’s podcast series.

FDA ruling on cultured meat "exciting" but "scientific unknowns" persist , says public face of the industry

16 January 2023

Mark Post, who in 2013 became the first person to present a proof of concept of cultivated meat, reflects on the recent decision by the FDA, ruling that Upside Foods' cultured chicken was safe to eat, as industry hopes it will lead to regulatory doors being opened across the world.

Vertical Farming: growing up

2 November 2022
Frank Buhagiar

Best of the web-December

11 January 2022
David Stevenson

Best of the web- September

7 October 2021
David Stevenson

Best of the web-August

9 September 2021
David Stevenson

Best of the web-July

5 August 2021
David Stevenson