FFF Podcast Episode 19: Cultivated meat hits “historic moment”

By John Reynolds on Tuesday 1 August 2023

FFF Podcast Episode 19: Cultivated meat hits “historic moment”
Image source: FFF Podcast Episode 19: Cultivated meat hits “historic moment”
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We have two guest experts in this episode - Carlotte Lucas and Petra Hanga.

In the latest episode of the FFF podcast, we discuss the state of the cultivated meat market with two experts- Carlotte Lucas, the senior corporate engagement manager at the Good Food Institute, the alternative protein think-tank, and Petra Hanga, chief scientific officer, at UK cultivated meat start-up Quest Meat.

In the episode, the conversation spans the latest regulatory developments in this nascent but exciting sector; new developments in the science; and the state of investment in the sector.

In June this year, the cultivated meat sector received a fillip when two US startups, Upside Foods and Good Meat, were approved in the US to start selling their cultivated chicken.

“I definitely think it is a historic moment in our food system,” says Lucas, pointing out the approvals will help boost investment and interest in the sector.

Lucas adds: “I think it is going to force governments around the world to really look at this sector and say 'hey what can cultivated meat actually add and help us increase that sustainable food system that well all want?"

Meanwhile, Hanga gives the full lowdown on Quest Meat, which is providing ingredients and other services for the industry.

The pair also discuss key scientific issues in the industry, such as challenges around the growth media needed to grow the animal cells and the bioreactors they are grown in.

Investment in the cultivated sector and future trends are also discussed in the podcast.