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Bene Meat Technologies is the only Czech start-up focused on the development of cultured meat. We co-operate with renowned scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and the EU. We consider biotechnology to be the field of the future. The growing population of the planet is resulting in pressure for the expansion and intensification of slaughter animal farming. This brings with it negative ecological (CO2 production) and ethical risks (animal breeding and slaughtering conditions), as well as increasing health risks associated with conventional breeding (the use of antibiotics, easy transmissibility of diseases, complexities with feed content, etc.). Scientific progress in recent years has shown that the controlled cultivation of animal cells is possible, as well as the 3D printing of tissues. The question remains about price, scalability, and 3D printing technology. These problems are solvable; we solve them, and we want to be at the forefront of the development and production of cultured meat. Cultured meat may be the future of humanity, and its production is a challenge. We have gladly accepted the challenge. We are improving the cultivation of bovine cells, solving scalability, and preparing a prototype for continuous 3D printing of tissue. Our team is constantly expanding, and we believe that we will grow into one of the most important biotechnology centres.

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15th February 2024 | John Reynolds