Kory Zelickson



With over 15 years of experience in innovation and online marketing, Kory Zelickson has developed multiple e-commerce and technology startup companies from the ground up. An engineer by trade, Kory is focused on developing retail distribution within the plant-based and sustainable product categories.

Through his passion for the environment, in 2020 he founded and became CEO of Vejii, the world’s largest marketplace for plant-based and sustainable living products. With more consumers turning to e-commerce and looking to incorporate healthier, more sustainable practices into their lifestyle, Vejii’s unique platform offers high-growth opportunities given the market trends.

Vejii’s mission is to make plant-based products more accessible to everyone, from consumers who want more selection compared to their local grocery store to flexitarians or conscious consumers who are looking to shop more sustainably. By simplifying the shopping experience and helping plant-based and sustainable-living brands reach wider audiences through its marketplace model, Vejii aims to become an industry consolidator in the sustainability field. Vejii is also committed to building a strong foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace in order to improve organizational culture and to positively advance its mission forward.

Additionally, Kory’s past experience includes co-founding Namaste Technologies in 2014, where he also served as COO and VP of Business Development and Investor Relations. Namaste Technologies eventually became a publicly traded company, and in 2018 the company reached a market valuation of +$1 billion, realizing over 20x returns for its initial series of investors..

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